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Home Also I Cannot Go: Masterlist

Home Also I Cannot Go: Master List Kirk/Spock, AU, mpreg

This story can also be read on, where it was originally posted, here.
A Spanish translation by SkeletonBirds is available here.


Chapter One: On his first trip to Earth, 15-year-old Spock runs into a certain rebellious young man from Iowa; confusing as their night together is, he's sure everything will return to normal when he gets home..

Chapter Two: Spock returns to Vulcan, and finds himself suffering from strange symptoms.

Chapter Three: Spock's physician gives him surprising news...which he then must break to his parents.

Chapter Four: Spock answers difficult questions about the father of his child.

Chapter Five: Sarek and Spock pay a visit to T'Pring and her family.

Chapter Six: Spock comes home to an unexpected visitor.

Chapter Seven: Spock spends a quiet night alone with his unborn child.

Chapter Eight: The day of the Academy qualifying exam has arrived...but is Spock ready?

Chapter Nine: Spock acknowledges the changing shape of his body (with some help) and sees the first images of his baby.

Chapter Ten: T'Pring questions Spock about his experiences on Earth.  Later, Spock gets good news.

Chapter Eleven: Stonn pushes Spock to the edge, and secrets are revealed.

Chapter Twelve: Spock prepares for the coming arrival of his baby.  T'Pring initiates an experiment.

Interlude One (parts one and two): Jim Kirk is only eighteen; he should have infinite possibilities ahead of him.  But an expected event threatens to keep him tied to Riverside instead.

Chapter Thirteen: Spock and his parents prepare a room for the newest member of their family, as Spock nears the very end of his pregnancy.

Chapter Fourteen; Spock meets his child for the first time.   

Chapter Fifteen; Spock introduces T'Pring to his son and, later, returns to school for his final year.

Chapter Sixteen: An offer is renewed, and Spock reconsiders his options.

Chapter Seventeen: Spock begins training, to prepare for the possibility of a future in Starfleet. Sevin celebrates his first birthday.

Chapter Eighteen: The Science Academy makes its decision, and Spock makes one of his own.

Chapter Nineteen: Spock's plans change abruptly, and he prepares to say goodbye to Vulcan.

Interlude Two: Cadet Kirk goes to the park in the hope of getting some reading done; instead, he is distracted by a pretty girl...and a strange Vulcan boy.


Chapter Twenty: Sevin returns to Vulcan for the summer.  Lt. Spock sees an unexpected face at the Kobayashi Maru exam.

Chapter Twenty-One: Spock and Nyota discuss Captain Pike's offer, and asses Cadet Kirk and his unexpected performance at the Kobayashi Maru exam.

Chapter Twenty-Two: After the Narada mission, Spock and his family mourn.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Kirk comes to Spock's apartment to make him an offer.  Bones finds out more about his friend's past than he wanted to know.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Spock and Sarek discuss his future plans.  Nyota learns a secret.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Kirk and Spock start working together again.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Jim has a problem.  Spock and Sevin lunch with Spock's counterpart.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Jim tries to get to know Spock a little better.  The future bridge crew bonds.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Jim takes Sevin to the aquarium and, later, asks Spock some personal questions about Sevin's other parent.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Spock confronts the memory of his mother's death.  Kirk and Spock speculate about their alternate lives.

Chapter Thirty: Jim has an enlightening conversation with Sevin.

Chapter Thirty-One: Jim confronts Spock.

Chapter Thirty-Two: Spock and Jim have a difficult conversation with Sevin.

Chapter Thirty-Three: Spock informs his father that he has finally found Sevin's other parent.  Bones confronts Jim on his recent strange moods.  Nyota tries to be optimistic.

Chapter Thirty-Four: Jim speaks to his new First Officer.  Sevin asks questions about the new-found branch of his family tree.

Chapter Thirty-Five: Pike makes a last effort to convince Spock to stay in Starfleet.  Sevin meets McCoy and explains why he doesn't like doctors.

Chapter Thirty-Six: Spock tells Sevin about his plans to leave Starfleet.  Jim and Uhura disturb poker night (and Sulu's neighbors).  Jim and Spock reach a breaking point.

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Spock makes a new acquaintance, and finds an old friend he believed had died in the destruction of Vulcan.

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Sarek and Jim have a long overdue conversation.  Sevin talks to Jim about Spock.

Chapter Thirty-Nine: On a wet and windy evening, Spock invites Jim in; feelings are explained, questions are asked, and memories are offered.

Chapter Forty: Spock has dinner with Soval and Senar.  Jim watches home movies.

Chapter Forty-One: Spock experiences disquieting dreams.  Jim tells Spock about his plans for the Enterprise, and his problems wit his First Officer.

Chapter Forty-Two: Jim considers Spock's letters, and writes a response.

Chapter Forty-Three: Spock takes his son to the park to meet two old friends.

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